What is the Recommended Thermostat Mounting Height?

Thermostats are the heart of your heating and cooling system that is why it is very important to mount them in the correct room and at the correct height, In this post, I am going to share with you the recommended thermostat mounting height.

The main function of a thermostat inside your home is to read the temperature of the air that surrounds it, then use that info to tell your HVAC system when to cycle on and off. 

This is the main reason why the mounting height and the location of the thermostats are very important because they can help you to save energy and reduce your utility cost.

Ideal thermostat height

Most HVAC experts suggest that thermostats should be installed approximately 52 to 60 inches above the floor.

Ideal thermostat height

Why does the thermostat mounting height matter?

Physics factor

In physics, we learned that as you increase in height,  the pressure decreases. As the pressure decreases, the temperature decreases.

So installing your thermostat too high or too low will affect how your thermostat reads the temperature and hence affect the whole system.

Human factor

Another reason I would not recommend installing your thermostat too low is if you have kids, for the kids, it is just another toy to mess up with and if it is within their reach they will always try to change the settings while you are not around.

Installing your thermostat too high (above 60 inches from the floor) can be a headache to change the setting for yourself ( unless you’re very tall like a basketball player), you do not want to get a ladder every time you want to change settings on your thermostat.

ADA thermostat mounting height

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has rules to ensure that public lodging spaces and facilities remain accessible to the disabled.

These regulations only apply to public buildings, hotels, motels, etc, these rules are there to make sure that disabled persons can reach thermostats.

The ADA thermostat mounting height is between 15 inches as a minimum and 48 inches as maximum, not abiding by these rules can put the building at risk of being fined.

My opinion

Personally, I mount them at 60 inches this is the perfect height for me but for most of my customers, I advise them to mount their thermostat at a height equal to their breathing height.

Just stand straight near the wall where you are going to mount your thermostat, mark where your mouth is and that is the perfect height for you.

This will remove the headache of having to bend down or needing a chair when you need to change the setting of your thermostat also it will keep away the young one from messing with your settings.


I think the best thermostat heigh is determined by your breathing zone. The standard practice in the HVAC industry is that if there are no commercial regulation limits such as ADA mount your thermostat between 52 to 60 inches, but if there are regulations to follow, always follow local guidelines.

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