Mysa Smart Thermostat For Electric Baseboard Heaters

This electric baseboard heater brand from the Mysa companies is the best thermostat of choice when you want to improve your home style.

This electric thermostat contains all the necessary features that make it suitable for maintaining the food hot.

In addition, it is easy to install and use with a controllable temperature that makes it easy for you to maintain drinks at your desired temperature. Therefore, keep on reading to learn more amazing features of this Mysa smart thermostat.

Key features of the Mysa Smart thermostat

 Works under voltage range of 120-240V

The Mysa smart thermostat works perfectly between 120 to 240 voltage electric power. This is the standard voltage supplied by the single-phase power to most houses.

Unlike other heaters with a higher power rating, the Mysa smart thermostat uses modern technology to ensure it consumes as little power as possible.

It comes with its power cable perfectly sealed and fitted with a fuse to prevent too much power from damaging the thermostat.

For this reason, this thermostat can withstand the damages caused by overvoltage.

Lower energy consumption

The Mysa thermostat has a lower energy consumption as compared to other types of heaters. It saves approximately on the energy bill by about 26% when used frequently.

For this reason, using this thermostat will save on the money you would have spent settling your energy bills when using other electric heaters. 

The thermostat is designed using high technology that makes it able to regulate power consumption.

This Mysa product is rated to a maximum power of 3800 watts, which can be achieved at 240V, making it much more efficient in controlling the system’s heating for up to a maximum power of 3800W.

 Smart Integration

Because the Mysa smart thermostat is designed using modern technology, it has an intelligent integration as it supports the google assistant and Alexa.

In addition, this thermostat also supports the Apple toolkit. All these new technologies make the use and operation of the Mysa thermostat easy and increase its efficiency.

This thermostat has a Sleek and minimalist design

The Mysa smart thermostat is designed with a sleek and minimalist appearance. This makes the premium thermostat a good look that attracts many customers.

Because everyone desires a newly improved home style, this item is perfectly designed to enhance your home style.

For this reason, it has successfully overcome the use of boring beige. Therefore, purchasing the Mysa smart thermostat will make you say goodbye to your beige.

Quick installation

Installing the Mysa thermostat is straightforward. You will spend less than 15 minutes installing this thermostat at home.

In addition, it has online step-by-step guides that you can also consider during your installation process, especially when you are not experienced in the installation process of many electrical appliances.

There are also online videos that display some simple installation guides you can stream online to teach you more about the installation process. 

Therefore, with all these installation guides, you will find it easier to install this thermostat and use it without hiring an expert for assistance.

However, in case of any misunderstanding during the installation process, you can seek assistance from a friend or any other experienced person to enable you to have a successful installation.

High Compatibility

The Mysa smart thermostat is compatible with many other electrical heaters, such as electric baseboard heaters, self-contained hydronic heaters, electronic fan-forced heaters, and in-ceiling radiant heaters.

Therefore, you can easily use this thermostat with all these other electrical safely at home without worrying about any harm or damage to the appliances.

This product is also environmentally friendly and safe to use at home. Therefore, using the Mysa smart thermostat does not cause any pollution effect on the environment or harm the user.

 Where to buy the product

The Mysa smart thermostat is available at the amazon online store at a fair price of approximately $130 for the Mysa thermostat V2 heaters and $114 for the Mysa thermostat V1 heater.

Therefore, you can make your order today at the amazon online store to get this fantastic product at a significant discount using the link below:

Mysa smart thermostat



Are MYSA thermostats worth it?

The Mysa thermostat has enough smart features to make it more versatile and convenient. Therefore, it is worth what it claims in its operations compared to other thermostats in the market.

 How do I use MYSA smart thermostat?

The Mysa smart thermostat comes with step-by-step guides on how to install and use the heater.

You can also stream and download the manuals online and watch the short videos provided to boost your experience on how to use the thermostat using the link below: 


What is the difference between Mysa V1 and V2?

The Mysa V1 is always designed with three heating modes, usually indicated in the smart Mysa app using a flame symbol.

On the other hand, the V2 Mysa thermostat is an on/off thermostat that does not have the V1 features and has no heating modes. 

How do I connect my Mysa thermostat to WIFI?

To connect your Mysa Thermostat to WIFI, follow the steps below; 

Step one

On your thermostat, long-press the down and up buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds.

 Step two

After ten seconds, you will see a smiley face displayed, meaning that the thermostat is reset.

A tringle will be displayed in an upside-down position to show that the thermostat is on a pairing mode.

 Step three

You can now easily connect your phone to the available Wi-Fi from the thermostat after seeing the active pairing mode.

When you open your WIFI configuration on your smartphone, you will see the Mysa thermostat WIFI displayed as “Mysa-30aea4270804”.

You can tap the WIFI to connect and control your smartphone’s thermostat.


The Mysa smart thermostat is the best electric heating device to help you improve your home style.

It uses the new technology that makes its use much simple with higher efficiency in its performance compared to other thermostats on the market.

Therefore, purchase your Mysa smart thermostat today to experience its guaranteed customer service that perfectly satisfies your needs.


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