Braeburn Thermostat-Everything you need to know

When it comes to making durable thermostats, Braeburn Thermostat is a well-known brand in the United States.

This brand came into existence in 2001 and managed to secure awards like the Frost and Sullivan. The Braeburn thermostats are user-friendly and come in square or rectangular shapes.

With Braeburn, you have many thermostat options; some have buttons, while the updated models have touchscreen features.

The programmable versions allow you to schedule your desired temperatures and time efficiently. Braeburn thermostats also come with a reset button, unlike other thermostat brands. Dive in to know more about the Braeburn thermostats.

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Where to buy a Braeburn thermostat?

Braeburn thermostats are available at different online shops and physical stores. You can find it online on Amazon; it provides a wide variety of Braeburn thermostats like 2020Nc,1220NC, and more.

You can also find it on the website, although it only offers a few Braeburn thermostats. It is available in both Walmart stores and online; with Walmart, you are spoilt with Braeburn options to choose from.

AC wholesales also sell these thermostats at a wholesale price which allows you to save some money. Ferguson is also an online store that offers the Braeburn thermostats. eBay also offers great deals when it comes to the Braeburn thermostat.

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How to tell what Braeburn thermostat model I have?

When performing maintenance and repairs, it is essential to know your thermostat’s model numbers. Knowing the model number can also help with compatibility concerns, among other things.

You can find your Braeburn thermostat’s model number on the back of the appliance. Take off the faceplate to reveal the model number of the Braeburn thermostat written on the label.

How long should Braeburn programmable thermostat last?

Braeburn programmable thermostats can last ten years (or more), depending on your model.

These systems begin to wear out over time, and a thermostat may stop working result of accumulating dust, wiring problems, rusting, and wear and tear.

How to deregister the Braeburn thermostat?

Deregistering from the Braeburn thermostat is entirely voluntary. All you need to do is:

  •       Go to the bluelink smart application
  •       Click on the Braeburn thermostat name
  •       Go to settings and tap the thermostat configuration
  •       Click on the delete thermostat option that appears
  •     A pop-up notification message will appear confirming that you have deregistered.

How to install the Braeburn thermostat?

  1. Install the Sub-Base first.

✔  Take the sub-base off the thermostat’s body.

✔  Mount the thermostats sub base to the wall piece. To do this, create pilot holes where you want them. Use the drywall or plaster anchors that are provided.

2. Supply Power

  You must attach the common side of the transformer to a common terminal on the thermostat sub-base to supply twenty-four V air conditioner (AC) power. The cooling transistor must provide the transistor common in dual transformer installations.

  Put the double-A type alkaline batteries at the back of the thermostat cover. As indicated by the positive (+) or negative (-) symbols in the battery space, place the batteries and ensure the positive and negative are in place.

3. Attach Your Wires

  Ensure you identify the terminal, for instance, S1, then identify its function (it can be input or output), plus you also know the terminal’s description terminal, such as fan control.

4. Affix the thermostat to the sub base

  After connecting all the wires in place according to the manual, you can fix your Braeburn thermostat back to the wall.

How to wire a Braeburn thermostat?

Different Braeburn thermostat models have other wire options; therefore, knowing your thermostat’s wiring is vital.

You need to know what wire color goes to the exact place to wire your Braeburn thermostat. Here’s how to wire:

  •       Your orange wire connects to the heat pump if your Braeburn thermostat has one. To switch the operation of the valve from hot to cold, it ends in your exterior condenser. It connects to the O terminal. It is only applicable if you have an outdoor condenser.
  •       Red wires show power and can be either Rh or Rc. The Rh wire links the heating system. It connects to the RH terminal. The RC wire links to the dual transformers and the conditioning system. The dual system has both heating and cooling transformers. It connects to the RC terminal.
  •       The blue or common wire is centrally used for Smart Braeburn thermostats that require to be connected to the energy source twenty-four hours a day despite the kind of heat pump it uses. The common blue wires are meant for Braeburn thermostats with heat pumps. It goes to the B terminal.
  •       Connect the yellow wire to the compressor since it controls the AC. They also link the Y terminals to your Braeburn thermostat.
  •       Suppose you have a white wire in your thermostat that links to the heating system. You will get more than one wire for a Braeburn thermostat with multiple stages.
  •       The green wire connects to your fan for either your furnace or air controller. It links to the G terminal.

Why is my Braeburn thermostat not working?

A Braeburn thermostat not working may be due to multiple reasons. One of them is that the Braeburn thermostat is not getting access to the power supply, which may imply that the breaker is tripped, you have dead batteries, or a fuse is blown in the main panel for the electric circuit.

What does aux mean on the Braeburn thermostat?

Aux stands for the auxiliary stage. Having a Braeburn that has a multiple-stage cooling or heating system; that is, it has two or more phases of cooling and heating.

It means the second phase, the auxiliary stage of cooling or heating functions from the measured need found within your Braeburn Thermostat logic.

However, if you do not have a multiple-stage cooling and heating system on your Braeburn Thermostat, the aux that shows means the multiple phases are installed on the single-phase thermostat.

The aux will therefore show on your screen from time to time, or in some models; you will see an illuminated green aux light.

What is the hold on the Braeburn thermostat?

Using the hold button, you can set a temperature different from the programmed one. After a predetermined time, the temperature will return to the preset value.

How to unlock the Braeburn thermostat?

If you need to unlock your Braeburn thermostat, follow the guidelines below:

  •       Tap and hold the next and return button simultaneously for roughly four to six seconds
  •       This will switch your screen display to 000.
  •       Click on your thermostat speed bar using the up and down options to key in the 1st number of the lock passcode.
  •       Tap next to key in the other digit, and repeat this till you correctly put all the digits for your passcode; it will unlock if you keyed in the numbers well.

Does the Braeburn thermostat need batteries?

Some Braeburn thermostats have batteries, while others do not. For the ones that need batteries, you need the double-A batteries made from alkaline.

The updated models require can use of batteries, be wired directly, or they can make use of both the wire and the batteries.

Therefore, you need to know your model’s specifications to see if it needs a battery to be hardwired or simultaneously use both.

What type of batteries does a Braeburn thermostat use?

The Braeburn thermostats use two AA batteries that are made from alkaline. It is available not to use any other batteries.

How to change the battery on the Braeburn thermostat?

Braeburn thermostats need special attention because the batteries require to be periodically changed. If the batteries are not changed when they should be, your thermostat may malfunction and lose its efficiency. The procedure for replacing the batteries is straightforward. The steps to transforming your battery are described below:

  1. Start by pulling your Braeburn Thermostat body from its base
  2. The batteries are at the back of your thermostat cover; take them out
  3. Put in a brand-new set of batteries; the batteries should be the alkaline barriers in AA style.
  4. Place the cover gently on the wall piece and push it back in place.

How to replace a Braeburn thermostat?

  •       Switch the power to your furnace and conditioner off.
  •       Take off your Braeburn thermostat cover.
  •       For the wires, mark them to the corresponding terminal and take off the thermostat base.
  •       Take the new Braeburn thermostat you need to install and separate the base from the cover. Take the base, position it to the wall with the wires passing through the center opening, and attach it to the wall.
  •       Fix the terminal you had labeled according to their respective terminal on your new Braeburn thermostat. If your connections do not work, consult the manual.
  •       For the cover, put new batteries, ensure they are placed well according to the plus and minus sides and click the reset button to clear the program memory.
  •       Place the cover on the wall and test to see if the Braeburn thermostat works.

How to set the Braeburn thermostat?

  Start by tapping the button for the date or time, then begin by selecting the hour, proceed to set the minutes, and lastly, select the day. To do this, use the arrows to key in the preferred time and day. Once you are done with one selection, go back to the date or time option, and set the next.

  After, go to the fan button and move to the fan settings. Selecting the on option means that your fan will be on throughout. Clicking auto, however, means your fan will switch on only if the HVAC is in operation. The Circ option makes your fun switch on and off at intervals of twenty-four minutes.

  Tap return for four seconds, and settings will display on the Braeburn Thermostat. Use the arrows to make any changes you want.

How to set the temperature on the Braeburn thermostat?

Hold the return button for roughly three to five seconds to access the temperature setting panel on your Braeburn thermostat’s display.

You can change the setting of your preferred value by using the arrow buttons facing up and down.

Once you have completed making the changes, give the screen a brief break to restore regular operation.

 How to turn the heat on the Braeburn thermostat?

  •       Click the prog option on your thermostat screen
  •       Select the system button till you get to heat.
  •       Press the arrow button facing upwards to turn on the temperature and select the time. If it has a switch, you can use it to adjust the time and temperatures.
  •       After you are done, press return and the thermostat head will turn on.

How do I get my Braeburn thermostat off auxiliary heat?

Assuring the temperature doesn’t drop too quickly is the simplest way to prevent the auxiliary heat from turning on.

You can achieve this by insulating your house better and locking doors to spaces you aren’t using. Maintaining your HVAC unit can also be beneficial.

How to program the Braeburn thermostat?

A smart thermostat’s programming feature is beneficial. For the particular models in the manuals because the specific characteristics of each thermostat vary. Here are the general instructions to program your thermostat:

  1. Click the prog key to access the programming options
  2. To choose the heat or cool option, select the system key till you find your preferred setting. Alternatively, you can use the switch, which allows you to navigate around if your Braeburn thermostat has one.
  3. Use arrow keys to change the temperature and time required for your selected period.
  4. Once you are done, tap and return to save the changes.

How to reset the Braeburn thermostat?

●        The battery method

If your Braeburn thermostat uses batteries, you can reset it by taking them out and clicking on the reset key on the thermostat cover. After returning the batteries carefully and ensure they’re placed correctly.

●        For the bluelink models 5500, 7205 and 7305

These models have a reset button that completely removes your personalized settings and programs.

However, the setting from the installation will not be affected. Every thermostat model mentioned above has a reset button hidden inside a tiny hole on its face.

You can press the button and restart the thermostat using a pin, paperclip, or toothpick. You should be aware that you cannot reset your thermostat while it is locked.

●        Braeburn touch screen thermostat

Braeburn thermostats have a similar method you can use to reset. The touchscreen models like premier model 6100, 6425, and 5320 are no different.

To reset them click the reset button on the front side of your Braeburn thermostat using a paperclip, toothpick, or pin.

This resetting strategy provides an easy way to reset most Braeburn thermostat models.

How to connect the Braeburn thermostat to Wi-Fi?

  •       Ensure the thermostat is installed perfectly and that you know the Wi-Fi password name for it and the password
  •       Download the bluelink smart connect application and start the registration process. Proceed to launch the application.
  •       Register to the application through the steps below:


  1. Click the register option a pop notification will appear asking if you have your thermostat serial code and the email address press okay. You will be taken to a section to fill your email and verify it, then click enter—key in your thermostat serial number on the back or the thermostat card. Verify the serial number and click enter.
  2. Afterward, you will be required to put a password with at most eight characters in both spaces provided. Put in your first and last name in the provided field after.
  3. If applicable, key in your company name in the field. Provide your addresses and tap entre. Put your city, state, and zip line code and tap enter. Put your phone number to get notifications on the thermostat in the future.
  4. Choose your time zone from the list provided, turn off the daylight savings time box if it is not used in your area, and click entre. Review terms and conditions, then agree. To create your account, click register, and a pop-up message to tell you that you are successfully registered.


  •       Enter the network name of your thermostat, which is often already provided. Key in the password you had set, then click enter.
  •       A notification will appear asking you to put your Braeburn on the thermostat connect mode.
  •       Go to your Braeburn thermostat and press config and daytime option simultaneously for three seconds until you see the screen’s scan and Wi-Fi option alternating.
  •       Press the up button once to enter the scan mode; once in scan mode, go back to the application on your mobile device and click okay.
  •       Without exiting the application, go to the Wi-Fi settings on your phone. Search for the bluelink_wifi, and connect to the network. Go back to the application and click okay.
  •       A pop-up notification will appear telling you your thermostat is linking to the app.
  •       On the thermostat, you will see a wait on display. You will see a connection successful on the screen. Press return and go to the application to update your alerts.

How do you troubleshoot a Braeburn thermostat?

Simple miscommunication between the programmer and the thermostat might cause your thermostat issues.

It might even be a severe issue, like a broken heat pump. Braeburn thermostat can frequently help you identify the problem before you need to call a professional to solve your cooling and heating concerns. Here is what to do to troubleshoot your Braeburn thermostat:

●        Reset your thermostat

You must become familiar with the panel’s parts if you want to perform a complete reset of the Braeburn thermostat. You can access the Braeburn thermostat manual online to help you will the rest depending on the model.

●        Do a standard troubleshoot

 Swap the batteries

This should open your battery compartment and the panel. Replace the batteries if the low battery caution is on the screen is flashing.

For a thermostat that is wired to the HVAC system and the wall, low batteries can occasionally result in problems.

Check the fan

The fan may indicate a problem with the unit. Change your fan to auto mode on the thermostat panel to make it run only when the cooling or heating system is in use if it runs continuously.

If it only operates occasionally, it is probably set to recirculate mode, which circulates warm or cool air throughout the house even when the unit is turned off.

●        Fix the fuse

Suppose, after following the basic instructions for resetting your Braeburn thermostat, you are still having trouble getting the appliance to cool or heat your house.

In that case, you might have to look further for even more severe problems. The heat pump may blame if the indicator to check the status light flashes on and off. You may need a technician for this. The Braeburn thermostat fuse may be blown.

●        Fix the circuit breaker

Confirm if your circuit breaker has any tripped breakers. Familiarize yourself with the Braeburn thermostat manual for further troubleshooting if the machine isn’t turning on.

It can tell you how to set the current time and the day of the week so that the thermostat turns on and off when you originally programmed it. Sometimes this simple step is overlooked.

●        If the air conditioning is not cooling

To get the machine back up to its ideal speed when the room is warmer than usual, you might be required only to reboot.

This should set your Braeburn thermostat if your Braeburn air conditioner does not cool the house. Remove any batteries that came with the thermostat.

There is a reset button at the front of the Braeburn thermostat. Press it to put the batteries back in. Reset the system to cool and attempt to turn on the air conditioner.

●        Reach out to Braeburn Support

After trying each of the troubleshooting suggestions listed above and your Braeburn thermostat is still not working, you might need to contact support.

Additionally, you might want to have the thermostat checked out and possibly fixed by a qualified HVAC technician.

How to remove the Braeburn thermostat from the wall?

  •       Gently pull the thermostat off the wall.
  •       The Braeburn thermostat cover will be off the wall, and you will see the battery compartment behind it.

How to remove Braeburn thermostat cover?

Removing the Braeburn thermostat off the wall is similar to taking it off the wall. You need to pull the Braeburn thermostat cover slightly.

How to open a Braeburn thermostat?

To open your Braeburn thermostat, all you need to do is pull the cover, and you will have its base attached to the wall and connected to the wires open. The surface will have the battery compartment visible. It is that simple to open your Braeburn thermostat.

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Hopefully, we were able to address some of the pending inquiries on the Braeburn thermostats. Using a Braeburn thermostat is very simple and easy to navigate through the menu.

You can program a new thermostat or reset your current one in just a few minutes. The blueline application allows you to control your thermostat at your convenience easily.

Using Wi-Fi on your Braeburn will also enable you to use many features. Enjoy using our thermostat for a great experience and a long-lasting one.

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